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you deserve.

Our Goal is to Make Property Investment Simple, Easy & Profitable For You

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We will help you achieve your goals.

We provide a wraparound service for property investors. Whether you’re a first time investor or a seasoned professional, we’re here to help you secure well researched, above average return investment properties throughout New Zealand.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn they can start investing in property for less than they currently spend on coffee! Securing your future through property investment is easy and safe. Start investing in property now to get the lifestyle and retirement income you deserve.

To find out how we can assist you in identifying the best investment property and strategy to achieve your goals, call us now on 0800 CITY INVEST (0800 248 946) for a free, no obligation consultation.


Superb Investment Opportunity in Hamilton

Central City Living with River Views | 2 Bed 1 Bath 1 Carpark Apartments | From $750,000
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brand new & fully completed  |  only 3 left |

brand new & fully completed  |  only 3 left |

brand new & fully completed  |  only 3 left |

brand new & fully completed  |  only 3 left |

brand new & fully completed  |  only 3 left |

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What we do for you

We offer a comprehensive solution.

Let’s strategize!

Having a strategy is the first step towards property investment success. This is an important first step to achieving your property goals and aspirations.

Tailored specifically for you

We take into account your individual goals and financial situation to help you ascertain the best solution and create a portfolio and strategy that can realistically & safely achieve your property goals and aspirations.

A full service offering

Ray White City Invest is a full service offering, making property investment easy. We work with you every step of the way, from selecting strategically suitable properties to arranging finance to finding suitable tenants for your new investment properties.

Why invest in property?

Tax savings, historical growth, huge demand.
  • Property is the secret the wealthy have used for centuries – Using other people’s money (usually the banks) to buy appreciating assets (property) while someone else pays the interest (the tenants) and you the investor get to keep all of the capital growth.
  • You don’t need a cash deposit – By using a portion of the equity in your family home (or other property) you can borrow 100% of the purchase price.
  • Historical growth – Property has grown in value over many decades in NZ, often doubling in less than 10 years in the main centres.
  • Tax savings – Losses from one investment property can usually be claimed against taxable income from other properties owned by the same person/entity.
  • Passive – You can have all aspects of your portfolio professionally managed.
  • Safe as houses – A tangible bricks and mortar investment that has proven to be bullet proof when correctly structured.
  • Huge demand – There is a strong forecast for housing for decades. We are providing an essential service by supplying much needed rental accommodation.
  • Banks love property – Banks consider freehold property titles to be one of the safest and most preferred forms of security, meaning you can utilise bank finance to purchase investment properties.

“Buying an investment property can be scary as you don’t know what you have to pay as property is often not priced. It is so nice to have all the facts on the table before investing.”

Enjoy the retirement

lifestyle you deserve.

Many people look toward their future with serious concern about how they will fund their retirement years.  Whether retirement is 40 years away or 5 years away, many people are uncertain of whether they can enjoy their retirement years in the manner they would choose.

Some people had their retirement investment funds wiped out during the GFC, and other investors are nervous about investing in the share market and other such investment vehicles due to their volatility.  It can be hard to know where to invest safely.

The bricks and mortar aspect of property has the appeal of being tangible and safe.  It is an investment method which has proven to be very safe if structured correctly and held long term.

A well-structured property portfolio (even if it’s only one property) can quickly create wealth for you.  It can help generate a future passive income and it can help you pay off your home mortgage faster.  Property investment can create a great lifestyle and significant wealth for you and your family in a surprisingly short timeframe.

In many ways property investment is incredibly simple.  In other ways it is also incredibly complex and fraught with risks. For anyone other than a highly experienced investor it is well worth having a fully thought out plan and structure, and of course sound property investment advice.

Why choose us?

Experience, award winning, comprehensive.

Experienced Professionals

We are experienced professionals who understand property investment.

We Are Independent

We do not have a financial interest in any of the property we recommend.

Award Winning

We are an award winning, well established business that values its reputation.

Comprehensive Solution

We have a comprehensive property selection screening process to ensure above average returns from your investment property.

You Are Protected

We belong to professional affiliate organisations which means you are protected by the Real Estate Agents Act (2008) and other legislation.

A Brand You Can Trust

With over 1000 offices across 10 countries, Ray White is the biggest real estate agency in Australasia – we’re a brand you can trust.

“It is absolutely brilliant to be referred to knowledgeable professionals who can help with the correct structure and advice.”

Ray White know how

If you are not sure what questions you should ask – we will help you!

Know the advice you need

Know the questions to ask

Know where to get advice

Know what research you should do

Know the right professionals

Know where the risk lies

Know the right locations

Know the right properties

Know the right construction

Our property selection criteria

We have a comprehensive property selection screening process to ensure your property portfolio contains well researched, above average returns.
Some of our primary criteria includes:



High growth locations and good neighbourhoods.


Rental returns that make economic and financial sense.


Fixed price, in affordable median price ranges.

Tenant Demand

High demand rental locations.


Low maintenance, high quality, and built to the latest building and earthquake codes.
apartment interior background

Action is better than perfection

A note from our senior property investment strategist.

Much of the world loves New Zealand. We are politically, economically and socially stable. We have a first world healthcare and infrastructure and we are English speaking. We are a popular destination for tourists, migrants, and Kiwis returning home. This demand will not diminish in the foreseeable future.

As an investment vehicle, residential property in New Zealand’s main centres has provided consistent rental returns and reliable capital appreciation over many decades. The markets we work in are strong and safe for long term, well-structured property investment.  New Zealand’s property market is established, has strong rental demand, is still very affordable for investors and offers the prospect of continuing capital appreciation together with strong cash flows. These are the reasons so many people invest in our property market.

One of my favourite sayings is “action is better than perfection”, but with property investment you need a fair measure of both.  One of the worst things you can do in property investment is nothing so you definitely need to take action.  But it is also critically important to have a reasonable amount of perfection, so good advice from knowledgeable professionals is essential!  We will provide you with a huge amount of knowledge, information and advice, and we will also put you in contact with professionals who can provide sound and independent legal and financial advice – all ensuring a high level of perfection (and peace of mind)!

Craig Warburton

Sales Director & Senior Property Investment Specialist


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